We’re back, all brand new!

After having an outstanding summer vacation, we are back fully refreshed with more fun than ever before! Oh, wait, are u new here? Then welcome! For all the rest time we will thrill you with amazing Mac app deals and save you lots of money. What do we actually do about it? Every single day we surf the Internet and discover cool Mac apps. We contact developers and negotiate with them exclusive discounts. Then we let you know you about the deals. One Friday at a time.

A set of simple principles we never break:

  • AppyFridays newsletter goes only to opt-in users (you may check the website regularly and enjoy our regular offers, but our subscribers get even more exclusive deals)
  • We feature the apps we personally like and test (no crashing, boring, ugly stuff here)
  • We don’t do false advertising (all apps are on sale for real)

A little bit of facts here

AppyFridays is a young company, but our community is growing rapidly. We are proud to have more than 100k subscribers by now. During the past year since our launch in November 2012, we negotiated with developers about free bundles, paid apps for free in AppStore, or just exclusive discounts, thus saving millions of dollars to the Mac community! And would you also like to never overpay for Mac apps again? Then go on and join our communitiy to stay up-do-date about the coolest app deals!

I’m the guy who made a killer app

Sweet. We love sharing something rocking with our community and helping developers create buzz around their awesome apps. But you should check the developer’s page for details.

Stay awesome,
AppyFridays Team.

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