Awesome Mac app deal – save $71 till Sunday!

This week I’ve prepared several quite expensive apps and did my best to get them at the lowest possible price. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Disc Cover 3 ($34.99) – $4.99
Developer: Belight Software

Disc Cover 3 Screenshot


If you need an app to create labels for your personal disc library or for work, Disc Cover 3 should be your only stop. Why? Because it’s the best disc labeling app. Don’t believe me?

Here is what others say about it:


“I tested Disc Cover 2. What I found was a mature product for amateur designers. For example, there are ready-made collages, ready-made backgrounds, clipart and stock images. All of these are of excellent quality, but the professional or semi-pro, or even the amateur who likes to design will start his labels from scratch.

Commendable is the program’s interface. It’s clean, it?s simple and it works. What I like very much is the support for the Aperture library in addition to iPhoto. Text, shapes, masks, and effects all work well. The optionally downloadable Art Text plug-in (also usable as stand-alone program) is a nice and effective text styling application. It allows you to quickly create text effects.”


“The best program for making those inserts is probably BeLight Software’s Disc Cover. While I haven’t used Disc Cover myself, I have used other BeLight products and been very impressed with them. In fact, according to BeLight you can “create custom layouts for unsupported paper stock” with Disc Cover, so you might even be able to use your own labels if you insist.”

Enough words! See it all on your own!

Moreover, there is a trial version on the developer’s website.


Punakea ($14.99) -> $3.99
Developer: Nudge Nudge

Punakea Screenshot


This is the app that will finally bring order and clarity among your files.

Punakea provides a feature of OS X Mavericks. Tagging files is easy with Punakea, you just drag and drop a file or a bookmark and put the nametag to it, one or several. Afterwards you can sort your files by tags, you can edit or delete them.

Read the review from Lifehacker. Watch the app in action on YouTube.


HDR Darkroom 2 Pro ($34.99) –> $9.99
Developer: EverImaging

HDR Darkroom 2 Pro Screenshot


If you’re new to HDR photography and you don’t know what to begin with, start with HDR Darkroom 2 Pro. It is a relatively cheap app in comparison to other applications of the kind. It has everything a novice may need: a simple user-friendly interface, sophisticated processing features, and a good user manual, that clearly explains how to use all these buttons.

You can find more detailed reviews from professional photographers on Photography BLOGePHOTOzine, and HDR One.

To make sure that it is exactly what you need you can check the trial version first.

By the way, these are the same developers who created Fotor Photo Editor, which is FREE in the App Store now. So you might want to check it as well.

That’s it for now.
Have a great weekend!
Anna Miller