Here comes the sun!

If you read the “About” page you know what AppyFridays does. And you probably have an idea of what we can do for you. So we’ll make it short: If you have a stellar app, we are thrilled to tell our community about it. Every Friday we feature several great applications, available with a sweet discount in Mac App Store. Get on board!

What you get:

  • Your app is featured on for a weekend from Friday to Sunday
  • The news about your app goes to AppyFridays’ subscribers
  • We’ll share the news on our Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • We’ll send news to popular Tech and Apple related sites, who love sales

What you should do:

  • Provide a significant discount on your app for a weekend
  • Follow simple AppyFridays conditions (contact us for details)

Some of developers and apps that we promoted:


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