June 28, this week on AppyFridays:

This week we’ve prepared a small bonus for iPhone users. Generally, as you already now, we don’t feature iOS apps. But this time we decided it would be a crime not to include Sparkbox’s iPhone companion app. Why? Read below and you’ll understand (we hope so). Anyway, this weekend enjoy Sparkbox and the other two apps on sale!

Sparkbox for Mac ($19.99) -> $5.99
Sparkbox for iPhone ($4.99) -> $1.99

Developer: IcyBlaze Software

Sparkbox screenshot

I believe everyone has a collection of pictures spread everywhere on your Mac: among documents, downloads, separately created files, elsewhere… Do you even remember what pictures you store or where exactly you have them? I’m sure almost everyone halted at a point when finding something on your Mac becomes practically impossible. Well, Sparkbox is a good solution for creating a repository for different materials.

What I personally liked about Sparkbox the most is that you can even sort pictures by colors on them. If you don’t remember the names or tags that you assign to it, nothing except colors on it, this is what can come in handy.

At this point I will pass the word to professional reveiwers, so that I don’t spoil your first impression. Read what Lifehacker thinks about Sparkbox for Mac.

Oh, and by the way, as mentioned before, the companion iOS app is also on sale! So don’t miss such a great duet!


PDF to Word + ($16.99) -> $1.99
Developer: Lighten Software

PDF to Word + screenshot

Have you ever stumbled upon the trouble when you saved from Word to PDF without storing the original Word file? Or just came across a PDF document that you needed to edit really badly? Most of you probably did. Then you know how crucial it is to have an app that converts PDF files back to Word. You may have tried some free online services. But then you know how inaccurate they are.

This is not the case with PDF to Word +. The app is very simple and it does exactly what it promises. Of course, some insignificant parts may do get misinterpreted. Still it’s the best, the most accurate, and the fastest software so far on the market. It’s not free, but you will find that it’s worth every single dollar you pay for it.

It’s a good bargain even if you don’t need it at the moment, as you may remember about it some time later, when you start working with a lot of documents.


3D Earth – Amazing Atlas ($4.99) -> $0.99
Developer: 3Planesoft

3D Earth - Amazing Atlas screenshot

3D Earth – Amazing Atlas is an interactive 3D Globe. You can read the App Store description to learn more – it really does what it says, I have nothing to add. But I did want to bring you something more than just words. That’s why I’ve found this short video, so you could see the app in action.


This is it for now. If you feel that something is missing, feel free to comment about it. Any questions, suggestions, and your personal experiences are welcome.

Have an awesome weekend!
Anna Miller