Last July deal on AppyFridays

This week’s deal is somewhat special. Just because it is the last deal in July and the last one of such kind on AppyFridays. Say good-bye to old AppyFridays that you used to know. AppyFridays is going on a short summer vacation. But it’s team is not going to lie on the beach and sunbath at all :-) Meanwhile we will be planning more fun for you in Augusts. So enjoy these apps on sale and welcome all new AppyFridays soon!

Magic Window ($12.99) -> $4.99
Developer: Jestson Creative


Have you ever wanted to live somewhere near San Francisco Bay area and watch the Golden Gate bridge out of your window? Or in London downtown and enjoy Big Ben? Well, if you already do, Magic Window still has a lot of other views to offer.  It’s the most beautiful collection of time-lapse wallpapers.

Read the review by TUAW. And watch the interview of Josh from Jetson Creative, speaking about Magic Window:

System Lens ($2.99) -> $0.99
Developer: Aaron Ng


If you have a slow Mac with hundreds of apps running at the same time, you definitely need System Lens. “Instead of worrying about which apps is using how many threads or how much real memory or what percentage of the CPU, System lens makes it easy to find the bad app and kill it dead,” Noodlemac. Read the full story here.

Read the review of Teksocial here.


WhatSize ($14.99) -> $4.99
Developer: ID-Design Inc.


WhatSize combines a lot of features in one app to tune up your Mac. But why WhatSize is the best? TUAW has the best answer.

Still not sure if it is exactly what you need? Check the free trial before you buy the app. But make sure that you buy the app till Sunday, as the sale will end on July 14.


Have an hAppy weekend!
Anna Miller