Save $26 this weekend

Traditionally, we brougth 3 apps for you on sale for a weekend. So that you could better understant what you get before you pay money, I’ve prepared a short overview of each app. Hope this helps you to make the right decision and enjoy the apps even more! ;-)

Sketcher ($14.99) -> $4.99
Developer: Neatberry

Sketcher screenshot

Sketcher is a very simple drawing app. In fact, you don’t have to draw anything, which is good news to everyone who cannot! :) You simple upload your digital photo, and the rest does the app.

Choose between Pencil, Watercolor, Pastel or Oil, adjust some settings like hardness of the brush, pick a texture, and that’s it – your painting is ready.

Now you can tell your friends what a great artist you are! :)

Or better share the secret with them, so that they can also create some piece of art!


Hello Tips, Tricks & Secrets ($1.99) -> $0.99
Developer: It’s About Time Products, LLC

Hello Tips, Tricks & Secrets screenshot

Hello Tips, Tricks & Secrets will help you discover those features on Mountain Lion that you would never even imagine they exist. No matter if you just updated to 10.7 or used it for quite a while, you will definitely find out something useful.

Learn a new way to rename files, how you can use Twitter on Mountain Lion, the use of Time Machine and a lot more with Hello Tips, Tricks & Secrets. You’ll be amazed to discover so many simple and useful things that your Mac can do.

The apps consists of short video clips, displaying how to apply the features, so it makes it super easy to understand. And I must say it – girls will fall in love with the narrator’s sweet voice :)

Suppose you are an advanced user that you know about your Mac enough, then think of someone around you who may need help. Your parents will appreciate the app for sure ;)

After all, it’s only $1 and it definitely worth it!


Quick PDF Editor ($19.99) -> $4.99
Developer: Fresh Squeezed Apps

Quick PDF Editor screenshot

As you know, Mac OS has a standard pdf app, which at first sight already has almost everything that you may need. However, it can turn adding a lot of text to your doc into a real pain.

Quick PDF Editor is a light and the same time powerful solution. Its interface is very simple and intuitive, which contains the tool panel with only 6 beautiful round buttons: Pen tool, Add text,  Save, Print, Zoom; and “Yes/No” check marks. Still Quick PDF Editor opens a large variety of editing options when you’d like to add any kind of text to your pdf document painlessly.

Let’s take a quick look at how easily you can edit your doc with Quick PDF Editor.

Add text. When you click Add text button, the small box appears. You can easily drag it anywhere in the document, change it’s size, background & font color & size.

Pen Tool. And one of the greatest features that standard Mac app still lacks – is that you can digitally sign it by drawing you signature simply with a mouth or a stylus (if you have one) by using the Pen tool. You can also pick any color you like, line weight (stronger or weaker), or erase and start over. Basically, the Pen tool window looks like a simple Paint app, where you can literally draw a picture to sign your document or just save it to any folder on your Mac and use it later.  The app saves your signature as a png image, so you can use it separately later.

Or if you already have a ready-made image you can import it in the Pen Tool, and sign your document with it.

Add “yes” or “no” check marks, which is especially useful when you fill in a long questionnaire or a survey. Save or print straight away.

It is that easy and quick!

This is all for this week. If you have questions, suggestions or you feel that I’ve missed something in my overview, you’re welcome to comment about it.

Have a great weekend!
Anna Miller